Investor Relations.

The crystal clear goal of the DAAVIT platform is to be sustainable financed by a positive cashflow in 18 months (mid to end 2019).

The contribution will come from the applications and thus valuation of the DAAVIT platform will go up. Costs will be extremely low, so the DAAVIT platform will technically be a cash fund.

However, the vast majority of this cash fund will be paid as dividend to the users. Hand in hand with the increasing positive cashflow, the (stock) value of the platform will go up, and after the projected IPO, this will continue, as investors will not have voting rights on the direction of the platform.

The users are and will be the sole decision makers for the requirements of the platform. Towards the end of 2018, there will be a window for investors to participate. Participation rules are to be set, and the cash will be used to accelerate our agenda.

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